Real Estate acquisitions and dispositions requires adept and experience hands. We have dedicated team of lawyers who are proficient in analyzing deals, its pros and cons and more important viability of the same to have a win and win situation either buying or selling or acquiring or collaborating.  Our resource team is well conversant with real time challenges of transactions beside being well conversant with all round development of laws.

Broad Spectrum of Services:

  • Due Diligence

  • Title verification

  • Documentation

  • Survey reports

  • Feasibility report & Loan Procurement

  • Registry

  • Drafting & Advising on collaboration agreement

  • Drafting commercial lease

  • Enforcement of agreement through litigation & Arbitration.

  • Pursuing, prosecuting, and defending in cases of fraudulent transactions.

  • Personal visits on sites for ground assessment

  • Background check

  • Developer and buyer related litigation, civil & criminal and Arbitration.

  • Eviction on unlawful possessions.