16 million Indians are living in various parts of the world. But their home and root lies in India. They have various sets of legal requirement ranging from property issue, inheritance, setting up companies and projects in India. Access to legal and judicial system is a challenge to them due to geographical constraints.

We at ANZ LAWZ have developed a resource team and technological infrastructure to overcome geographical restraint. We conduct real time video conferences to have virtually physical interaction. We understand the difference of time zone and thus carry out our interactions and updates according to their time zone irrespective of part of the world.

Our broad spectrum of services is as under:

  • Real Estate acquiring, investments, possessions

  • Property disputes and inheritance

  • Family matters

  • Conflict of laws matter

  • Acquiring, Merging, setting up companies, institutions and schools in India.

  • Solicitation & Advisory for everything.

  • Our broader reach and legal networking ensures legal services to various length and breadth of India.