Criminal law practice comes naturally to the firm courtesy its dedicated team members comprising of seasoned and trained lawyers, decorated and retired IPS and Inspectors, retired public prosecutors using wealth of experience to form a formidable team to prosecute and defend all kind of criminal cases.

Core of Criminal Practice lies in case strategisation and management which requires adept and experience hands.

Our broad range of service includes but not limited to:-

  • Setting up criminal law into motion by drafting complaints of all kinds of offences provided under Indian Penal Code, POSCO, Sexual Harassment, Prevention of Corruption, Economic offences, White collar crimes and myriad other aspects of law.

  • Bail & Parole: Anticipatory, Regular, Interim, Transit Bail, Parole

  • Prosecuting or Defending criminal trials of all natures including murder & rape trials in Sessions Court, Fast Track Court, Magistrate Court and specially designated Courts .

  • Criminal Appeals in High Court and Supreme Court

  • Criminal Writ petitions in High Court for the protection and enforcement of fundamental rights.

  • Plea Bargaining

  • Juvenile Trials in Juvenile Board