ANZ LAWZ | LLP is a multidisciplinary law firm. Firm key focus is Litigation, Advisory and Corporate practices. Firm is engaged in various spectrum of Law & litigation viz Civil, Arbitration, Trademark, Real Estate, setting up companies, formulating policies, Family Law, Criminal, Commercial Disputes, Sexual Harassment module for Corporate, etc.

ANZ LAWZ | LLP is working on varied sectors such as Infrastructure, Health & Care, Telecommunication, Education, Real Estate, Retail, E-Commerce, etc.

It was founded with exclusive object of providing solution oriented approach to client using vast experience of two generation of lawyers. ANZ LAWZ boasts of perfect blend of experienced, expert lawyers with immensely talented young and energetic lawyers. Experience helps in swaying away challenges of complexities and young energy ensures that sedate approach should be considered mundane with innovative way of resolving any challenge that may come in litigation or developing robust policies meeting real need of the client.

At ANZ LAWZ, we believe that technology is future. We have developed in house mechanism using technology as cornerstone for all communications, conference, sharing and managing documents.

Firm special emphasis lies in solving and overcoming challenges. It is no hidden secret, litigation is a time consuming process. Firm has thus devised well researched methods and techniques to resolve disputes through Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism for easier and effective solution. Where alternate approach of resolution is not working, Firm is clear with idea of aggressive litigation strategized from top to bottom and bottom to top approach.